Yoga versus Gym – Differences and Benefits

Yoga and gym are physical activities aim to keep up good health both physically and mentally as well as maintain an active lifestyle

Although gym and other exercises are widely practiced around the world for hundred years, in recent decades yoga has been gaining its popularity all over the world.

It is practiced by athletes, military personnel, both young and old people and even adopted in jails to help correct the mindset of convicts. This trend is due to the many benefits involved with yoga practice.

However if one is practicing gym or fitness exercise for years, there might be a question of whether to practice yoga instead. So, in this post, we address the differences and similarities of yoga, gym and other exercises.

In general, all the physical exercise helps to reduce stress, nervousness, enhance the mood, and eventually make you active and have a better lifestyle.

Further, they decline the propensity for disorders and diseases like high blood pressure, organ problems, diabetes, muscle pains, reduce stress, overcome anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders.

So it’s a big wondering for many people to decide which one they need to take up? Either yoga or another sort of physical activities. Yoga versus Gym! which one is better?

It is quite hard to testify the pros and cons to both forms of exercises as they have their own benefits and aimed for some different purposes and designed by well thought and analysis.

Gym and Other high intensive exercises: Most of the physical high intensive exercises like gym, swimming, running, aerobic workouts put the body to rigorous work and help it burn big amount of calories, build muscle endurance and also bring flexibility in both body movements and mind.

Yoga, on the other hand, was developed by ancient Hindu saints and yogis who used to stay in deep meditation for days together sitting at one place. So yoga help keep their body and mind strong for spiritual lifestyle and enlightenment