Yoga versus Gym | Clear Differences and Benefits (Part 3)

Mental control: Yoga help regulate the entire body mechanism, leveraging little physical strain with a focus on the different body regions, positions with enhanced mind control over them. By which, the mental concentration is improved and thought process are controlled. Yoga is the best treatment of many psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, stress, addiction and lengthen life span. There is some correlation with the rate of respiration and life span.

Researchers believed that smaller animals like rodents, dogs, etc. have faster rate of respiration lead to consume more oxygen and more mitochondrial involvement. Therefore, the more times intake, the more mitochondrial and the body cells death.

Regulating metabolism: In yoga breathing rate and the metabolism is regulated. Moreover, the processes like excretion and gut transit are improved helping in the cleansing of the body.

When the question of Yoga versus gym arises, the present requirement and physiology needs are taken into consideration. For youngsters, sportsmen, women who concerned with physical appearance, the gym may be the better fit.

So for senior citizens, women after birth, middle age people, youngster and sportsmen with an aim to reduce mental stress, yoga is the best fit.

For those whose work requires sitting for long hours, both yoga and workouts are necessary. Working for long by sitting leads to disease due to low physical activity and high mental activity. So physical workout like walking, gym, yoga, swimming and jogging tend to help improve physical health. These activities helps burn excess calories in a short amount of time. While yoga and meditation will help increase mental health.

In conclusion, those with anxiety and fickle mind can choose yoga as a better physical exercise. While those with a desire for better body shape and mass can choose gym.

Also, one has to remember that we are suitable for both the gym and yoga. Those with an active mind and intellectual work can be more benefited from the gym. Because burning excess calories will help to enhance a stable mind. But, if you have sufficient time and desire for a strong mental mind, then yoga is the best option.

One can practice yoga at home with the help of online classes while gym or other exercise, one had to rely on a trainer and machine.