Why Yoga is Good for Bodybuilding

Do you know that NFL teams are looking into yoga as part of their weekly routine. Yoga not only brings peace and relief to the mind, but also help bodybuilding. There are several reasons why yoga and bodybuilding complement each other as following: 

1. Yoga enhances the ability of muscles to fire more efficiently in response to stretched tendons.

2. Yoga fosters the use of natural stabilizers and release the use of heavy weight belt. 

3. Yogic help touch the muscle groups that don’t respond well to regular weight training.

There are different kinds of Yoga that help bodybuilding such as:

Power Vinyasa yoga help strengthen body and build muscle which is gentle on the body and allows deep stretching while strengthening without relying on weights.

Yin yoga which help people suffering chronic pain as Yin lengthens connective tissue through relaxation, encourages joints to reach full flexion and extension and alleviate muscular tightness and joint pain.

Restorative yoga is great for people recovering from an injury, aches and pains as it emphasizes healing and realignment through supportive postures and sequences, and is awesome. 

At the first tried, you may not recognize how it would change physically, emotionally, and spiritually. However, after regularly practice, you will feel tight muscles being relax, and stabilization in balancing poses being built. Normal cardio bodybuilding exercise is often lack flexibility and increase overall tightness in the body which increase the possibility of back injuries and hamstrings that could pop at any given moment. Without stretching and elongating muscles, muscles and ligaments are torn and pains are prolonged. Yoga will free you from all that and still gives you the benefits of bodybuilding. So what are you waiting for? Grab a mat and get ready for your first bodybuilding yoga exercise. 

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