The Best Yoga Essentials for Beginners (Part 3)

Cork Yoga Block 

While yoga blocks are intimidating to use at first, they’re essential for a solid practice for both beginners and pros. These easily compressed yet firm foam blocks offer support, balance, to help you master new postures. Once you find yourself comfortable with blocks, try to deepen your shoulder, hip, and chest stretches to master more difficult posses or to make backbends a breeze.

Yoga Strap 

You might have heard that yoga straps are very useful for those practices the super inflexible poses, but they can actually benefit all levels of yogis. A strap is an excellent way to generate mind-muscle connections in basic practice and increase flexibility as moving towards more advanced poses. Choose sturdy and inexpensive strap made from machine-washable cotton for the most durable.

Video Subscription Service 

Once you’ve bought all yoga essentials, put them to the test with a real practice, a subscription service are available free on the Internet will bring the world’s best teachers to your home. With over millions of different courses to support your practice, including meditation, basic to advanced practise, thousands of hours of knowledge will be made available all at a rate that’s less expensive than a studio class.

Chakra Balancing Essential oils 

Finding your center on the mat can be hard for even veteran yogis, but this collection of organic oils includes seven Chakra oils, blends of jojoba and certified organic essential oils infused with crystals, will help. Simply apply a few drops to pulse points or chakras, then breathe deeply to immerse yourself to inner peace and calm.

Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

After using your yoga mat for a while, you must give it a good cleaning to freshen it up and remove sticky texture. Use natural cleansing spray formulated with rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils to energize as well as disinfect all type of mat.