The Best Yoga Essentials for Beginners (Part 1)

Whether you’re beginning a new hobby or a whole new lifestyle, you’ll probably want to collect a few simple tools to help you master the sport and stay motivated. But don’t forget, there’s no need of major financial investment in equipment for every new interest. For instance, to begin with running, you don’t need anything much but a pair of shoes. The same applies for yoga, there are many resources available for free and don’t require expensive equipment, yoga is the ideal hobby to practise without breaking the bank. Although there are a few products that might make you more comfortable and confident, so we’ve gathered a number of yoga essentials for beginners. Namaste and good luck as you starts your journey with yoga!

The Best Yoga Essentials for Beginners

Eco-Friendly Mat 

Begin from the ground forward by investing in an eco-friendly, recyclable mat. It’s best to choose a thick foam to protect your knees and spine as you make your first forays into basic poses such as headstands and shoulder stands. Since it’s made from eco-friendly materials, you won’t feel guilty if you decide to change your mat in the future! As a bonus, it also comes with a convenient carry-strap for you to carry anywhere.


Even if yoga doesn’t end up being your thing, these leggings will be useful as they are stylish and functional. Choose an eco-friendly, activewear brand, and made from sweat-wicking fabric to let you down dog in comfort.

Yoga Top 

Save yourself from the trouble of dealing with complicated tops so that you can concentrate on what’s actually important which is diving deeper into your practice. A good pair of bra will help increase performance and comfortability. Choose a suitable sizes with thick, soft straps, and a wide band that won’t irritate or fall off while you are practising.