Pilates vs. Yoga – How Are They Different and Similar? (Part 1)

The goal of Yoga is to unite the 3 parts of mind, body and spirit. Teachers of Yoga considers the mind and body as one integrated structure and if the techniques are used correctly, Yoga can be a method to heal the body and help to get physical- mental harmony. This is why Yoga is believed to be a therapeutic method which gives body more flexibility and promotes mind relaxation even in the most stressful times. The latter reason is due to most people start taking Yoga classes – to reduce the level of stress.

In Yoga, several movements are practiced on a yoga mat and the weight of the body is leveraging as a resistance for the exercise. Yoga takes a great amount of concentration and the flow in and out of every position is fluid. The poses are made for different aims and purposes.

Pilates shares many of the same goals in general but the major difference between Pilates and Yoga is that beside mat work, there can be many exercise machines involved depending on each people preference. Pilates impacts the entire body not only the mind. The concentration is on the core of the body so the other part can freely move and this develops stronger body both from the inside to outside. The balance is meant to be appeared between flexibility and muscle strength which results in stronger and leaner muscles and posting. Many people know the value of both activities and this is why a whole young generation is choosing to combine both Yoga and Pilates into their lives.

How To Choose Between Yoga vs Pilates

There are several different elements that you should consider if you are choosing which is your preferred type of exercise – Pilates vs Yoga. You may be thinking of practicing a relatively new type of exercise and are wondering between yoga and Pilates. The one that you choose will become an important part of your life and the decision you make should based on the results that you would like to achieve.