How to keep fitness well (Part 2)

In the modern life, we prioritize to keep fitness, especially the women and girl. Everyone loves and expects good appearance to be more confident.

However, sometimes we have to sit all day for working and studying or some delicious food makes you fatty but you can’t control it. So, to keep fitness well, you need to make a reasonable schedule.

Here we share tips you should follow to keep fitness the most.

From the former article, we refer two tips: Exercise daily and eating. Now, we continue to share other tips.

3, Keep tracking for your food Intake regularly

Keeping track about total calories you consume in one day is helpful to make plan about physical exercise. So, you should keep update in regularly.

Once quantity of calories overcomes standard allowed, you should adjust and reduce it in the next day. Further, through this tracking, you also find out immediate issues about overweighting.

4, Have a good sleep

Sleep is another important factor to affect to your weight.

Once you have enough sleep about 6 to 8 hours one day, you have enough energy to enjoy everything. It’s a good way to recharge battery for your body. In the noon, you should have a small nap about 30 minutes. Just time is enough to recover energy for one new afternoon.

Whereas, you usually have a white night or go to bed so late, it affects your spirit and energy. It also impacts to your stomach. You can feel hungry more and find food for eating.

5, Stay positive motivated

Positive thought and feeling is a source of positive mindset, so you feel motivated to follow your goals despite some drawbacks.

It contributes to increase energy to overcome difficulties in losing weight.