Bayern Munich: Cloning the 2013 champion

Bayern Munich walked to the foggy country and poured down the rain of goals in London, it was like a rage they struck Tottenham and the other rivals after previous disappointing seasons.

When you score up to 7 goals against opponents like Tottenham, in many ways, from how to end specific situations on the pitch of individuals like Kimmich or Serge Gnabry, to how to coordinate the England team. There is no doubt that it is the level of a championship candidate.

Is this the team that Bayern Munich’s managers have been searching for after the last two seasons? The accuracy of the decisive situations on the pitch reminded all of the seasons that Bayern Munich buried Barcelona after two matches in the Champions League semi-final and won the treble afterward with Jupp Heynckes.

“I think the other teams know that we won’t stop”, said Gnabry. The London star could not hide his excitement after he scored four goals to bury the Champions League runner-up. He shared that he had not stop to enjoy it but he would continue to fight more. He believed that victory was a message for the rest.

That message was all seen in London, Bayern Munich’s speed, maneuverability, flexibility, and direct play are really dangerous. It’s like they saw Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben or Thomas Muller play the same way six years ago, but couldn’t do anything to stop it at the time. Lewandowski has never scored so much in his career in such a short period of time. 15 goals in 9 matches, one can only call it a monster, like Cristiano Ronaldo, as Leo Messi used to do before.

This team is the ideal combination of the explosion of individuals and a smooth ball system to bring perfect results on the pitch. A refreshing Bayern Munich and mysteries that have spread fear to rivals on the former continent at the moment.