Basic poses to start Yoga for beginner

Yoga is always a good choice for workout or fitness, especially for the female. Although yoga only requires basic poses and simple skills, benefits of yoga brings to health and mental dramatically. This is the reason why more and more people choose yoga for a daily exercise.

If you are busy with your job, you can’t go to the yoga class, then you still can follow yoga by doing it by yourself at home. In this article, we introduce you some basic poses can start yoga easily.

1/ Mountain Pose

This pose is considered as the first pose you should know about yoga. It means you need to stand steadily as a mountain, so it is called mountain pose. It is the starting pose for all other asanas. It includes some gestures for muscles to practice your concentration highest.

About skills, you need to stand far from your heels and put both arms along the torso. Then you lift and spread your toes slowly. The next, you put them down on floor slightly. It’s key issue that how to balance body weight on only feet. When you can get balanced it, inspire and expire your exhale slowly and softly so that you feel you are releasing strong shoulder blades from head.

2/ Tree Pose

The second pose is called tree pose which brings feeling of grounding when you need to balance and strengthen legs and back.

Firstly, you will lift your right foot to left thing so that the right foot have to be flat and firmed. The next you should keep left leg straightly and get your body balance in this pose. Assure that your spine is completely straight and breathe deeply. Finally, exhale slowly and put hands and right leg down.