Basic poses to start Yoga for beginner

Yoga has become a popular exercise for daily life. It brings a lot of benefits and advantages for mental as well fitness, health. Furthermore, people are easy to practice yoga at home or club, depending on their timetable.

In general, all people care about own health in the change of climate or weather. So, doing yoga is one of choice to improve their health better and better.

To start yoga at home, beginner can face some troubles. Don’t give up easily. Try the best to follow instructions from guide through social network, you can adapt it smoothly and effectively.

5/ Trikonasana

This pose will help to stretch both legs and body. After finish, you feel your body look like being massaged and rested. However, you should be careful with this pose because it can lead some accidents for bones.

How to do it:

You will stand with open feet while stretching the right foot is about 90 degrees and getting balance for leg to be close with the torso.

Then, you will balance weights equally by both feet.

At this pose, you will exhale and inhale slowly. You will bend your right arm so that it can touch to the ground comfortably. Maintain it straight and long within 1-2 minutes. You assure that your body will be not forward or backward, even it should be bended straightly.

You will stretch longer and longer and breathe slowing to take time and mental. This pose becomes easily when you are used to get it.

6/ Kursiasana

Some pro players claim that kurrsiasana is a strong and powerful pose which push muscles of legs and arms to strengthen and practiced.

How to do it:

You should stand in a straight line while your feet are apart slightly. The next, you stretch arms and bend knees. Don’t bend your elbow. Then, you push pelvis down and back straight. Take breaths slowly and feel your body’s activity.