Basic poses to start Yoga for beginner

Yoga is a good exercise to keep fit and healthy. So, it becomes one of the best games for anyone in the modern life. As effective convenience, yoga can play at home without going to class as some other sports such as gym, swimming.

To join this sport, you should know some basic poses you should follow to reach the best effect. You can follow this article to start this game for beginner.

3/ Downward dog

Downward dog is a basic pose for yoga practices and classes. It supports you to stretch and strengthen almost parts in body.

How to do it: you put your leg and wrists under shoulder, then knees are under your hips. Then you pick up your hips off the floor. It looks like you draw up

Then you keep your knees slightly straighten while walking hands forward and keep it straight and longer.

You should keep this pose within 5-8 breathes before finishing hands and knees to rest.

The fact that beginner feel tired and difficult when starting downward dog pose. But you should keep patient to follow it within 2-3 times, you can be used to do it fluently and smoothly. As a good result, this pose can help your body fitness.

4/ Plank

Plank teaches you to strengthen the abdominals use the breath slowly to keep your body in a challenging pose.

How to do it: From all fours, you lift legs up off the mat. Then you slide toes again in the one straight line so that you burn out energy from head to feet. The next, you practice the lower abdominals, pull shoulder and ribs down while breathing slowly within 8-10 breathes.

This pose is tight to follow but it’s extremely good to fit your abdominals. You try to overcome it then you feel comfortable for your abdominals.